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What are some of the Advantages of a Medicare Advantage Plan?...Extra Benefits!

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Medicare advantage plan, also known as Medicare Part C, offer plenty of extras you may have not heard about. To be eligible for a Part C or Medicare Advantage Plan, you must have both Parts A and B to step up to Part C Advantage Plan. So what's the big deal about these extra benefits you've heard advertised or got an oversized post card in your mail box about?

To attract Medicare Beneficiaries, besides just going to the doctor for your annual checkup Insurance Companies are competitive and creative with the benefits offered. Keep in mind that the plans available are generally based on your county and zip code; or area you reside in. No one plan fits all; so your neighbors plan may not work for you. Here are some extras that some Medicare Insurance Plans may offer.

  • Specialized Care for beneficiaries with certain Chronic Illnesses. Some plans may offer very low copays for certain drugs, while others may offer discounted air purifiers.

  • Free rides to your doctor or specialist. Insurance carriers may offer round trip service while others offer one way trip to your doctor.

  • Alternative treatments such as acupuncture. You may look into acupunture for pain therapy or other treatments. You may need a referral form your doctor, or you may be required to pay a copay or small fee.

  • Fresh Food Card and wellness reward. Some insurance carriers do encourage your wellness visit, by rewarding you with a gift card to certain stores.

Check out the Extra Benefits generally offered by some of your insurance plan companies. All plans are not available in all areas. Our professional will complete an unbiased review with you to ensure your plan is right for you.

Medicare Advantage Plan, or Part C Plan Extra Benefits. See if there's an extra service or benefit you may be able to use.

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