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Employee    Plans & Benefits

Have your cake and eat it too.  Offer worksite benefits to match your employees needs and respect your business bottom line? 

We help you secure cost effective, simple and flexible plan designs that will help eliminate turnover and gain employee loyalty.  We offer products with ease of use, 100 % voluntary, with or without employer contribution, and flexible enrollment periods.   Our suite of Small Business Solutions provide options for 100% employee paid contribution, with pretax or after tax dollars.  We understand ease of use, flexibility and portability are important to both employers and employees

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Dental Plans

Dental Plans that cover individual, couples and families.  Annual maximum dollar amount benefits of $1500 - $5000 per individual.  Dental benefits may include a waiting period for major care, with no waiting period for preventative and basic care. Request a quote for affordable dental plans 

Vison & Hearing Plans

Vision and hearing plans are often packaged with the purchase of a Dental plan to maximize on savings.  The option to purchase vision and hearing is also available.  Give your employees a vision & hearing plan that is predictable and affordable. Receive a brochure or submit a quote to start saving.   


Ancillary plans are the book ends needed for a solid health insurance plan.   

We offer simple and transparent plans that are affordable and portable.  Hospital indemnity plans ensure, the coverage for high deductible health plans and eliminate medical expenses.  See how a cash pay cancer plan can keep your savings in tact

Cancer Benefits

Help offset or eliminate the cost of specialized drugs, advance treatments and doctors visits with an affordable Cancer plan.  Our plans offer ease of use and flexibility.  Cash plan pays you directly to use the funds as you see fit.  Cash plans are not paid to the medical professions or facility, but goes directly to you.  Use your cash as needed. 

Our plans can be designed for 100% employee paid or payroll deducted  

Critical illness Plans

Critical illness generally covers the big three; being cancer, stroke and heart attack.  Critical illness insurance are cash pay policies that offers the insured direct payouts.  Critical illness plans have various dollar plan levels and are also potable.  Request a brochure to learn how to benefit from a Critical Illness Plan.   

Disability &
Accidental Plan

Help your employees cover their medical expenses and pay their bills with a Disability income insurance plan.  Show your employees how to protect their paycheck should they become unable to work due to an illness or disability.  Various plan levels available.  Request a quote and plan information.

Health  Plans

Compare a Short Term Health plan (STH) to your current employer COBRA offered health plan.  Our Short Term Health plans offer flexible term; three, six or twelve months.  Use Short Term Health Plans for contract employees or replace your expensive COBRA plan.  Request a quote to start saving today. 

Retirement Supplement

We help you design a cost effective, simple and flexible retirement plan that will help eliminate turnover and gain employee loyalty.  Enjoy added tax benefits, by offering your employees plans with income predictability upon retirement.  With expert guidance, our wide variety of plans will secure your team's financial future.  Request a proposal to start building your nest egg today.   

Accidental Death & Dismemberment  Plans

An AD&D insurance plan pays your loved ones if you die due to an accident.  The insured will also benefit from a pay out should you lose a limb due to an accident.  AD&D is not life insurance, however it offers your employee's protection at an affordable cost.  Request a quote 

Term Life Insurance

Offer your employees insurance that is affordable, with attractive features and benefits.  Term Life insurance is available with options for easy conversion to a whole life plan or return of premium.  Get more details to learn how an affordable Term insurance will work for your team.   

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance builds cash value, and may supplement the cost of some of your long-term care needs.  Grow your investment tax free and secure your loved ones with a whole life insurance policy.   Request information to learn how to secure your business and your employees. 

 Employer Coverage

Your employee may be transitioning from employer coverage to Medicare or retiring with an unaffordable COBRA coverage.   We can help you with your Turning 65 employees to comprehensive Medicare coverage.  Your retired employee will also benefit for a Short Term Health Plan during a transition to other employment.  Let us help you with you provide affordable benefits for your employees status changes.    

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