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Life Solutions

Insurance solutions that help with life's problems when you need it most.



Customized Insurance Plans for your business and employees



Ancillary Insurance Plans that pays you cash for your illness accident and disability



Hospital plans that pays you cash to help during recovery



Affordable Health Insurance Plans with low deductibles and Coinsurance, that is not ACA (Affordable Care Act)



Prescription Drug Plans, Stand Alone PDP, Medicare Advantage Plans and Discount drug plans



Whole Life Insurance, Term Insurance, Mortgage Insurance, Nest Egg builder and Retirement Supplement

Plans you can design to meet your needs wherever you are in life.  Whether it's your lifestyle, occupation, business, or supplementing your nest egg. Secure yourself and your loved ones to prepares for life's unexpected.

Leg Injury

Personal Accident Insurance

Similar to disability insurance, but with a defined injury clause; such as loss of an eye, limb, etc.  Personal accident plans are cash plans with payout directly to the insured.  Lear how to use a Personal Accident Insurance plan. specialists.

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Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness plans generally considers cancer, stroke, heart attack, and on some plans even organ transplant.   A cash plan that you can use to pay for travel, cover loss income, prescription drugs, post care assistance and so much more.   Request a brochure or call for more information.

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Disability Insurance

Disability income, also known as paycheck protection or income protection, pays you while you are unable to work because of an illness or accident.  Disability Insurance should not be overlooked.  Whether you're a stay at home parent or the principal bread winner,  secure your value should the unexpected robs you of your earning ability. 

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Hospital Indemnity Insurance

A hospital stay will wreak havoc on not just your savings; but your family, your business and overall well being.  Next to Life Insurance, securing a Hospital Indemnity plan is one of the most sensible plans you can add to your financial portfolio.  See how a Hospital Stay plan can save your pocket.

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Cancer Insurance 

A Cancer plan is another ancillary supplemental plan that plugs the hole of expenses not covered by your major medical provider.  It also can be used for hospital expenses and the often overlooked “post hospital” recovery expenses.  See how some of those expenses can add up and how to avoid post recovery debt.

Nurse And Patient

Long-Term Care Insurance

Chronic Illness Rider and Critical Illness riders will accelerate a percentage of your insurance policy's face amount and allows you to use the cash for the care you need.  These riders that covers a diagnosed illness or disease are presented with so many different options.  See how you can upgrade your old policy to include these added protection to supplement and secure your long term care needs.  Request a free consultation today. 

Child at the Pediatrician

Health Insurance Family and Individuals

Learn how to select a health plan that best suits you or family.  See what the different plan networks offer and how to avoid unexpected fees with proper planning.  Need to understand how your health plan benefits work and how to select a health plan you can afford?  Learn more about your health plan or Contact us to get your health insurance quote

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Whole Life Cash Accumulation Insurance

Whole life permanent, cash value insurance policies have evolved to include benefits you can use while you are alive.  Whole life policies may offer embedded riders that will benefit you should you later suffer from a disease, illness or accident while you are still alive.  What type of Insurance is best for you?  Request a policy review or get help securing coverage for your loved ones

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Mortgage Insurance

Protect your home and loved ones with insurance coverage.  If you're the bread winner, you will want to ensure your family's  biggest asset is secure and your mortgage and bills continue to be paid.   Contact us today to see your options to start protecting your family.

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Retirement Supplement 

Did you know you can afford a retirement plan?  Most small business owners, entrepreneurs and contractors can now design a plan for their future retirement, or set up a plan to protect or supplemental an existing one. Request a proposal for a personalized plan design.  Confused about the plan you have now?  Get your report to start learning today.  

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Key Man Insurance

Do you have a structured plan should a catastrophe happen to you, your partner, or Key executive?  Will your business continue to operate smoothly should a life event happen that disables a key owner?  Our team of experts can assist with designing a plan for you and your executive team to keep all key employees covered and pass the baton smoothly.  Request a proposal today. 

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College Planning

Did you know that you can fund a college plan using life insurance?  A taxed advantage plan such as a life insurance policy, will help you save for your minors college education tax free.  We'll show you how to design plan that will work as a college fund and still have access for emergency without withdrawal penalties that you get with a traditional 529 College Education Plan.  

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Medicare Benefits

An unbiased approach coupled with your Lifestyle and health needs are key considerations in securing a strong Medicare Plan. With so many options, it pays to get more information to make an educated decision.  Schedule a Free Plan Comparison today to ensure you'll avoid surprises and save money.


Employee Group Benefits

We offer a wide selection of plans and benefits that will enhance your current employees benefits package or design a new plan to assist with employee retention.  We offer Employee Roth Plans, Dental Plans, Accident Plans, and so much more.  We will educate your employees on how to protect themselves and their loved ones with benefits.    

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