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Medicare Advantage Plans
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Dental and Vision Plans


Medicare Advantage Plan that cover Dental Benefits

While, most Medicare Advantage Plans offer dental coverage, they are not all equal.  In most cases, the benefits vary by insurance carrier.  Some insurance companies offer a lump sum set dollar amount per benefit year, while another insurance company may give you a detailed service list of exactly what they will cover.  Discuss your health goals with a professional to ensure there are no surprise expenses.  


Medicare Advantage Plan that offer Vision Benefits

Some Medicare Advantage plans offer Vision Benefits.  Generally, these benefits are a set dollar amount per benefit year.  Most plans allows for basic eye exams and glasses.  Each carrier offers varying dollar amounts, how the benefits are used, and the services covered for your exam.  Always check your plans Summary of Benefits, to determine which services and products are covered

diabetic supplies.png

Medicare Advantage Plan that offer Diabetic Supplies

You may also find insurance plans that offer diabetic supplies and deeper discounts on diabetic prescription drugs.  In some cases certain diabetic prescription drugs will have a very low or zero copay.  Let us help you find a plan that assist with your diabetic and health needs.

Medicare Advantage transportation Plans.png

Medicare Advantage Plan that cover Transportation

Some Health Insurance companies have covered the need for transportation to your doctors or medical facility.  If transportation is important to you, you can check your Plan Summary to help determine how many trips per year is offered. Each insurance plan will offer a varied amount of trips per year, one way or round trip to the approved location.

Medicare Advantage Hearing Plans.png

Medicare Advantage Plan that cover Hearing 

Many plans offer benefits such as routine hearing exams and evaluation.  You may also receive hearing devices or aids at a low cost.  You may also received a set dollar allowance per period per ear for your hearing aid.  Let us help you find a plan that help cover some of your hearing needs. 

Medicare Advantage Plans that cover OTC over the counter

Many plans provide periodic, set dollar limit for the purchase of your over the counter items.  Frequently used items such as aspirin, vitamins, and even cough syrup may be purchased with this benefit at no extra cost.  Your plan summary will specify the allowed amount to spend and how often.  Keep in mind if you exceed the allowable dollar value, you may be responsible for the balance.

Over the counter Medicare Advantage Extras.png

Medicare Advantage Plans that cover Meals

In some cases, you may not have the energy or ability to prepare a meal after a medical procedure or operation.  You may be able to enjoy the benefit of " home-delivered meals.  Members are allowed to chose low sodium, diabetic, and other healthy options. Refer to your plan summary for these meal benefits.

Meal Plans Medicare Advantage.png
Personal Emergency Device.png

Medicare Advantage Plans that cover personal emergency

Some plans offer PERS (Personal Emergency Management System).  In the event you're in a situation where the only thing you're capable of doing in squeezing a button, these devices can be a life saver.   Get a plan comparison to see if this benefit is offered in your area.  

Medicare Advantage Virtual visits.png

Medicare Advantage Plans that cover Virtual Visits

One of the most convenient benefits for when you just need advice and not sure if your sickness is worth the trip.  Accessing your medical professional is easier with phone or video consultations.  Most virtual visits are available 24 hours to in-network healthcare providers.  Keep in mind that these visit are for Non-Emergency health issues only. 

podiatry plans.png

Medicare Advantage Plans that cover Podiatry 

Depending on your plan type, some plans offers podiatry with a referral needed, others you may just need a preauthorization for your visit.  These specialty visits generally have a little higher copay for both in-network and out of net-work visits.  Check your Plan Summary for details on Podiatry benefits. 

Medicare Advantage Fitness Plans.png

Medicare Advantage Plans that offer Gym or Sliver Sneakers

Staying fit has never been easier, and is even encouraged by insurance carriers.   Most Advantage plans offer a virtual gym membership of physical membership to a fitness center.  However you access getting fit is up to you.  You must attend one of the fitness centers selected by the insurance carrier.   

chiropractic Medicare Advantage plans.png

Medicare Advantage Plans that cover Chiropractic health 

 Most plans will offer Chiropractic care.  If you need to visit a chiropractor, it generally requires a referral or preauthorization from your PCP Primary Care Physician.   You should also be aware of the cost for In-Network services versus out-of-network access.  

acupuncture plans.png

Medicare Advantage Plans that cover Acupuncture

Homeopathic care is also offered on some plans.  If you're a beneficiary looking for alternative medicine, then a plan with Acupuncture benefits may help you.  Remember to check with your plan if any pre-authorization is needed.   We can help you sift through all the extra benefits to select one that bests suit you. 

Medicare Advantage Plans that offer Wellness Bucks

A few insurance carriers are now rewarding beneficiaries for their doctors visits.  If you keep up with your period check ups such as mammograms, colonoscopies and general well visits, you may get rewarded with wellness bucks.   Dollar amounts of these wellness bucks varies by plan and procedure completed.

welllness hands.png
Bag of Groceries_edited.jpg

Medicare Advantage Plans that offer healthy groceries

Some plans offer a period set dollar limit for which you can use to purchase groceries.  Where you purchase your groceries will be determined by the plan's insurance carrier.  In general, if you're qualified for this benefit, your plan will mail you a card that is prefunded periodically with the allowed amount.  Let's check if there is a plan in your area

Dollar Bills

Medicare Advantage Plans that help with Part B Premium

Medicare give backPart B give back, or Part B credit are some of the ways this extra benefit is referred to.   Some plans offer a partial give back or credit towards your Part B Premium.   Others will offer a complete payment of your Part B.  In most cases the plan types are HMOs.  Sometimes they are offered to certain population, determined by certain types of illnesses', social security benefits, or state benefits that the beneficiary receive.  See if you're qualified for these benefits.

It pays to check on your plans summary of change or change of benefits mailed each year for notice of plan changes.  Not all plans offer all benefits. Some plans offer some benefits.  Plans and Plans Benefits are  generally available by your area; zip code or county of residence.  We invite you for a No Cost No Obligation Comparison.  We are Independently contracted with the top insurance companies,
which means our fiduciary is to you and not one company. 
Not an employee or affiliate of CMS or Medicare

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